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CH R And G's Cowboy Up
Sire: CH R And G's Urban Cowboy
Dam: CH R And G's Fancy Pants
DOB: May 18, 2003 DOD: June 26, 2008
Breeder: Gayann Jones
Owner: Wayne and Gail Brimley

"Lane" is handsome flashy fawn and is a great protector for his family. He lives with 2 other bitches and one other male and gets along with all of them. He loves to be in the thick of human activities all the time. "Lane" is a boy with plenty of leg, double dark haws, dark eyes, correct bite, great topline, and a short tight fitting coat. "Lane" is the first Champion for his Dam and the fourth Champion for his sire.

With tear filled eyes and heavy heart I write this sad news that today June 26th, 2008  "Lane" had to be put to rest. He was diagnosed with Valley Fever and was treated for over two years. He did recover and was finally taken off the meds. He did get to sire one litter of 12 pups which he was very proud of. Unfortunately, the Valley Fever returned recently with an ugly vengeance and was affecting all his organs this time. He was put on several medications but he did not respond to them in time. The Valley Fever  was affecting his brain and for this he could not stand on his own. Wayne called this morning to let me know they painfully had him put to sleep this morning.

When I think of Lane I get a smile on my face. He was such a little devil in his younger years of showing. His handler Kimberlie really had her hands full. We had to watch all the little furry dogs around him as he thought they were all "bait". He did mellow out with age and became a wonderful loving sweet boy and was raised with children and watched over them with his life. Sadly, his life was too short but the memories will live on forever. Rest in peace sweet boy.

Lane was loved by Wayne and Gail Brimley


"Cowboy Up"

Cowboy Up and be a man.
If you need to ask, you wouldn't understand.
It's in yer attitude and the way you live.
It's in the blood, sweat, and tears you give.
It's the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act, the way you walk.
It's a motto for those who can see it through, in the way they play and the work they do.
There's a quality you see in a man who can Cowboy Up and take a stand.
It's morals and values down deep in yer gut.
To never back down, to never let up.
And ladies, don't think yer exempt, you Cowgirl Up and the same rules are kept.
Cause Cowboys and Cowgirls are of the same breed.
So it's only fair that both live by the creed.

By Mike Ziem, Edwards AFB in Southern California

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