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CH R And G's Captain Morgan
Sire: Ch R And G's High Roller
Dam: R And G's Sweet Talkin Girl
DOB: March 13, 2001 - DOD: April 1, 2004
Breeder: Gayann Jones
Owner: Frank and Becky Mendoza

It is with saddened heart that I announce the passing of CH R & G's Captain Morgan. He has continued his journey to the Rainbow Bridge to be with and care for all those who passed before him and will come after him. Every now and then you are granted the rare privilege of knowing that special someone who can bring such joy and well being to your life and make your life whole. Such was the case with Morgan.

We were given the honor of having him even for such a short time. He brought with him that ray of light which was able to brighten the darkened gloom our lives had encountered. He brought with him a whole new family and so many new friends for us to be with and to love. He gave us such joy and understanding and most of all loyal unfailing love which knew no bounds.

How he loved to go after small furry children, never to hurt, but to play with. If you could have only seen him with his own babies. When they started getting out of the whelping box he would round them up and push them back to their area. One night all 9 got out and they were everywhere. So much so he couldn't keep up with them. The look on his face was priceless. He was beside himself trying his best to round them up and send them back, but they kept getting away from him. One would go back and when he went after another one it would run back out. His look of come on are you going to help me or what was one of a kind. He was so loving and gentle with them and they all loved him so. He is now able to care for George, his little baby that we had to put to sleep after only 10 days of life. Morgan cried and cried when I came home without George, he knew.

Written by Morgan's loving humans
Frank and Becky Mendoza

Morgan died from digesting a parasite called "phythiosis" which is normally found in stagnant swamp water in Louisiana, Florida, and Texas. Morgan was the 3rd dog confirmed in Arizona with this disease. It is important that everyone is aware of it. It can be cured if it is diagnosed early and treated. Since it is an extremely rapid growing disease it must be caught early.

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Morgan passed his health testing with zero PVC's and normal thyroid. Frozen semen is available.

Morgan has one Champion to date:
CH Treasured Sea Goddess

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